Sunday Secret #3 – Creating a Vision Board

I’ve known a lot of amazing women in my life.  Some I’ve had the privilege of knowing in person and others I’ve admired from afar through Instagram and blog posts.  They inspire me with their big dreams, ambitious goals, and willingness to put in the hardwork to achieve them!  One observation I’ve made is that these women are not afraid to name their goals out loud.  They put them out into the world in a bold way, owning their dreams without fear of failure.  Sure, there is always the risk that you could fail, and then everyone would know that you fell short of your goal.  But, here’s the truth. There are 3 children at home watching my every move.  I want them to learn that their mom is a BIG dreamer and that it is okay to go after your dreams 110%.  And, I also want them to see that when I fall short (which is inevitable when you dream big), I pick myself up, dust myself off, and get right back in the game.  That’s a life skill that will take them far!

So here it is….

Sunday Secret #3 –

I dream big and I am okay with failing, because I’ll just keep trying.

I set out at the beginning of the month to create a vision board that held my hopes, dreams, and goals for this year and for years in the future.  Writing down my goals was a lot harder than I anticipated it would be.  Putting them out there for everyone else to see was even scarier.  But here’s the deal, if I only give myself goals that I KNOW I can obtain, where’s the challenge in that?  Where is the feeling of success?  When you reach a new height, a new benchmark, a new level of success that you never even thought possible…that is a feeling like none other.  Pretty amazing!img_1238


As I worked on my vision board, I followed some very simple steps:

1.  Write out your goals.

I began by simply writing my goals on a piece of paper.  This is the MOST important part!  I divided mine into three categories – Spiritual, Personal, Professional.  And, I wrote them in pen with my own hand.  Why you ask?  Because you can’t erase pen.  Certain goals might stare at me for the next 10 years, but I’m not erasing them.  Sure, some may be added to the list.  Some may even be crossed through as my dreams change.  But each of those goals has purpose and heart behind them and represent a part of me!

2.  Map it out.

After I wrote out my goals, I brainstormed pictures that I thought embodied these.  Some were concrete images like the “Creativation” logo while others are more abstract.  An artistic winding staircase reminds me to stay focused on the next step and not get overwhelmed with the length of a journey.  I chose a picture of Amy Tangerine holding her book “Craft a Life You Love”, which is a fantastic read!  I find the book inspiring and full of very practical steps to shaping my creative life.  I included my word for the year, LEAP.  I also included inspirational Bible verses that provide me with comfort and give me courage.  The point is that the images on the board aren’t just beautiful, but representative of my vision!

3.  Pick a place, put it up!

This seems like a ridiculously obvious step, but your vision board needs to be somewhere you are going to see it on a daily basis.  Maybe yours is the cover of a journal or the inside of a Bible cover.  Perhaps the inside of your closet or bathroom door is filled with pictures that motivate you to keep going.  I chose to put my vision board in my craft room.  My craft room is one of my favorite places, and I am in there on a daily basis, even if it is just to take a deep breath or two.  My craft room brings me peace and is the place that I focus the best.  That made it an ideal location for me!

4.  Share it.

It is YOUR vision board.  You can feel free to keep it to yourself for sure.  But, there is something scary yet liberating about sharing your vision.  For me, the big reveal was to my family.  When I finished, my sweet little boy Bradley poked his head in the room and said, “Mommy, I like your pretty pictures!”  Then I called up the rest of my family to see.  They loved it.  My husband liked seeing the dreams I shared with him represented.  My daughter was especially intrigued that one of her Mother’s Day cards had made it up there.  I shared with her that the words she wrote inspired me to be a better mom everyday.  She beamed and my heart melted 🙂


Have you ever created a vision board?  It was not an easy process for me, but I am so pleased with the result.  Let me know if you give it a try!


Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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  1. This is fantastic! I have never done one (even though I’m asking my students to do one this year). But I think that is going to be our task for February for the Ali Edwards One Little Word project. I’ve been using this month to pray about the goals–then next month will be all about making them visible! Thanks for this wonderful inspiration–I love the idea of including a card!!

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