I’m over winter.  Completely and totally over it.  I am over the cold temperatures, the bare trees and the gray skies.  It seems like winter may just never end around here, so I decided to focus on color in my art journal this week.


My inspiration for the art journal page this week started with the sun and for my desire to see it!  I sketched out a sun and some sun rays in my book, but then decided that I would rather it not be a typical sun.  One look at my crafty pegboard will tell you that I appreciate all things rainbow, so I grabbed a rainbow variety of acrylic paint from the Handmade Modern line at Target.  I used the array of colors and some light blending to create rainbow beams shooting out from the sun.

Knowing that I wanted the “sun” to be unexpected, I decided to paint the center black.  (This seemed to fit well with the darkening skies outside my window).  I did not really like the harsh line that defined the sun, so I used black and white floral pieces to cover up the line and to add another unexpected element.  They sure did pop off the page with all that contrast!img_3551


In order to look for the perfect quote for my page, I did what I often do and turned to Google.  I simply googled “Quotes about Color” and then clicked on the “Images” filter at the top of the page.  I was treated to such a wide variety of quotes that I wanted to include as many as possible!  I chose my very favorite quote to be featured in white writing in the center of the black sun.  Then, using some messy handwriting, I added the rest of the quotes as beams of inspiration coming out from the colorful array of light.

I love #allthecolor and I try not shy away from it, especially when working in my art journal.  While this was a relatively simple page, the time spent reading quotes about color and the love of color really perked me up on a bleak winter day.


Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

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