Great is Thy Faithfulness Hymnal Entry

Have you ever had a journaling entry that was driven by supplies?  Normally, when I am working in my Bible or my hymnal, the verse or the song is the starting point.  I am inspired to journal thoughts or prayers about a certain passage.  Sometimes, it is just because I want to spend time reflecting on God’s words or inspirational lyrics.  Here’s the truth though, I have had this gorgeous set from the Print and Pray shop for several months now, and I have been anxious to use it!  Plus, I was looking for some variety from my current devotionals, so this set is what inspired my hymnal journaling this week. Sometimes supplies drive the entry, and I think that is okay! (I couldn’t find this in the shop, so I am guessing the artist “Make Wells” is no longer affiliated with Illustrated Faith)


I chose to work on the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” for two reasons:

  1.  It has been stuck in my head all week after singing it in service on Sunday!
  2. Reflecting on the times in my life when God has been faithful brings me great comfort and reassurance when I am feeling anxious about future events.

img_4195This set was printed on white cardstock, so I began by fussy cutting out any pieces that I was interested in possibly using.  One of the reasons I love working with printables is that you have so many options to work with, and using them as ephemera pieces gave me the freedom to move them around the page until I was pleased.


After selecting the cut-outs I wanted, I chose four coordinating Neo-Color II crayons to add a wash of color in the background.  Neocolor II crayons provide versatility in mixed media projects because they can be utilized in a number of ways.  I colored them on a small cutting board and then added sprays of water.  This gave the Neocolors a watercolor consistency, and I applied the colors lightly to the background of the hymnal page.  The effect was subtle, but I knew that I didn’t want the background to compete with the bold printable images.

With the background complete, I began adhering images to the hymnal pages.  Here are a few tips as you start to cluster or group ephemera pieces on your entries:

  1.  Consider having some paper pieces hang off the page.  When you cut off the overhang, this gives the page a feel of continuing beyond the boundaries of the edge of the paper.
  2. When working on a two page spread, having a piece that bridges the gutter of the page creates a cohesive look.  However, just bending the piece to fit the crease is not a great way to adhere it down.  I start by bending it to get the placement right, and then I cut the piece in two.  After adhering both pieces, the image comes back together.
  3. Save the trimmings from the pieces that hung of the page and use them to add more dimension to your clustering.

img_4208At this point in the process, I decided that the background was just a little too faint for me, so I grabbed a paint card and acrylic paint from Jane Davenport.  A few swipes on the page added some more texture, but didn’t cover up any of the text.  Such a fun technique to play with!  (This technique is explained in more detail here – Creating Quick Backgrounds #1)

Inspired by the textures and layering that were beginning to come together, I used a stamp from the January Illustrated Faith Kit and layered on a couple of different colors of Archival Ink.  Then, I decided that the page needed some more bright elements.  To accomplish this, I added a few white embossed hearts and the word “Believe”.  My original stamping on “Believe” was not very successful once I added the embossing powder.  However, that was quickly remedied with the embossing pen from Ranger Ink.

To wrap up the page, I added a verse from Numbers reflecting on the faithfulness of God:

“God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent.  Has He said, and will He not do it?  Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” -Numbers 23:19

In the end, despite being supply-motivated, this hymnal entry spoke to me.  The time I spent reflecting on God’s faithfulness did me a lot of good in the midst of a crazy stressful week.  I am so thankful for a God that has promised to be with me through every trial and in every success!

Do your supplies ever motivate your projects, or do you start from a different point?

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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  1. Absolutely. The supplies do motivate me. A lot. I’d say that’s generally what drives my projects.

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