Italy Traveler’s Notebook Flip-Through

img_6627I finished it!  Well, I finished the main part of my Italy traveler’s notebook, and I am super excited to share a flip through with you.  This is a project that I have loved working on, and it certainly reignited my love of memory-keeping.  I have two versions of the flip-through to share with you.  One includes my voice and commentary throughout while the other is sped up and set to just music.  I totally understand if you are not interested in hearing my voice for 20 whole minutes!  Go ahead and choose the flip-through that sounds most appealing to you!  Thanks for taking the time to hit “Like” and supporting my new YouTube channel.  This new YouTube channel  and blog is certainly a fun adventure 🙂

Italy Traveler’s Notebook Flip-through WITH VOICE:

Italy Traveler’s Notebook Flip-Through WITH MUSIC:

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife


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