“Sunrise” Art Journaling Process

img_8285Sometimes, for a creative refresh and recharge, you just have to keep things simple.  And, that is what I did for my art journal entry this week.  I wanted to use a page in my art journal that had a bunch of bleed through on both sides from various projects.  Recently, I stumbled across a fun website that has a variety of iPhone wallpaper art that is downloadable, and I decided to use one of their creations as the inspiration for my art journal entry. (iPhone Wallpaper Downloads).  I loved the simplicity of the look and the way the quote was highlighted in the sun, and opted to recreate this page in my art journal using acrylic paints.

You can check out my art journal process over on my YouTube channel:


Acrylic paint is a great option for covering up any bleed through from other products because the coverage is great.  My favorite acrylic paints at the moment are the Handmade Modern line from Target.  They offer a wide variety of colors and finishes at a very reasonable price.  Plus, I am always a sucker for cute packaging, so these little paint pots were perfect for me!

The page comes together very simply with layers of acrylic paint to create texture and depth.  Additionally, I opted to use a few different glitter pens to add more detail and shine to the entry.  The page was easy and simple to put together and was a nice creative break for my brain to not have to think to hard, but just to put paint on the page.

What is your favorite way to give yourself a creative recharge?  Do you like simple projects or do you take a break from creating all together?  Let me know in the comments below!


Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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  1. Hi Elisa, it turned out beautiful. Love the colors of those acrylic paints. I sometimes have to take a break because of my arthritis but I do enjoy simple projects and that’s usually what I do after one of those breaks. Thanks so much for sharing. Jo :o)

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