“Go Your Own Way” Art Journal Process

Some pages in my art journal are just test pages.  I use them to test out products for the first time, and then just leave them for later.  In today’s art journaling process, I come back to one of these pages and decide to give it a more “finished” look.  (Although, are art journal pages ever really finished?


You can check out my process video for this entry on my YouTube channel:

This page came together simply enough, but was more time consuming in the layering of the stencil pattern.  I primarily focused on a gorgeous lady I found in the Jane Davenport paper pad.  Once she was on the page, I surrounded her with the arrow stencil, applied with Dylusions black paint.

img_9052The trick to applying paint through a stencil is to use very little paint.  In fact, it should feel like you barely have any paint on the dauber at all!  This will help get crisper lines through your stencil.  To add another layer to this layout, I also decoupaged a beautiful black and white floral tissue paper in the bottom corner.  On top of the flowers and the Jane lady, I added acrylic paint in metallic colors.  Using the paint on both elements helped to create a more cohesive customized look on the page.

To add detail to the arrows on the page, I used three different pens.  Using different pens and patterns added depth and interest for sure.  I also brought those pens into the florals to continue to bring the page together.  The last element to add was a hand lettered title and then the page was complete!


Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this spread….I know I enjoyed making it!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

Supplies Used:

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