Creating an Inspirational Quote Journal

This summer has felt crazy hectic for me, and I am not completely sure why that is the case.  I’ve been juggling kids, chores, and a growing blog/YouTube that I am super passionate about.  I’ve ended a lot of days recently feeling just completely drained.  Somehow, in the midst of this, I decided what I really needed was a new project….really?!?

img_0127Okay, seriously, the new project is meant to be a kind of calming, meditative practice that still involves art, but not necessarily anything new or challenging.  I am using one of my brand new watercolor journals from Arteza to create an inspirational quote journal.  You can check out my first entry in this journal over on my YouTube channel:

The idea is extremely simple….a bit of gouache paint, a lot of water, and a few soothing color combinations.  Just the act of putting paint on paper, watching it move and mix, and having very little control over the final product is realizing to mix.  Try it!  Just saturate a watercolor page with water and drop a bit of water color paint on it.  It’s kind of like watching mini-fireworks explode on your page.  Or better yet, its like watching a river run its course.  As someone that feels the ocean calling my name this time of year, just watching the movement of the water on my page is enough to get me in a more relaxed state of mind.

img_0123While this page isn’t very technical or complicated, it did help me accomplish a few things:

  • I am slowly overcoming the intimidation factor of the larger size of this new art journal.
  • This painting technique calmed my frayed nerves.
  • This process helped me to reconnect with a simpler creative side, which was very much needed!

Sometimes, it is the simpler projects that we find the most rewarding!


Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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