The Ultimate Crafty Pegboard

No matter the size of your craft space, organization is the key to taking full advantage of your creative time every day. For me, setting up my craft space involved finding a balance between the organization and the aesthetic appeal. Because, let’s face it, it is really hard to create in a space that doesn’t inspire you!

When I began planning my craft space over a year ago, my number one priority was creating a pegboard. The more I can see my supplies, the more likely I am to use them, so a pegboard was ideal. Additionally, nothing inspires me more than gorgeous art supplies, so why not have them double as supplies and decor!

Check out an updated video of how to create a custom pegboard over on my YouTube channel:

My husband created my pegboard out of a large piece of leftover pegboard we had from a Christmas project for my kiddos. He framed it out using old fence posts that the previous homeowners left behind in the garage. The rustic touch was perfect and gave the pegboard a unique look. Also, who isn’t obsessed with Jane Davenport?!? Her creative free-spirit is so fun and magnetic. I used one of her giant rub-ons and gold spotted tissue paper to decoupage the background of the pegboard. All white was not the look I was going for, so this combo set the stage for a striking storage piece! All the shelves and hooks are scraps and spares that we had in our garage, so truthfully my only “investment” in this piece was about $15 for the rub-on and tissue paper!


The most fun part of a pegboard is deciding on the arrangement of the supplies! I chose to store my most colorful supplies on my board, and arranged them based on how I use them. My acrylic paints are the ones I reach for the most, so I kept them low so that I can reach them while I’m sitting. I found mason jars with hangers already attached at our local Salvation Army, so I utilize those for pencils, markers, Distress Crayons, and other various supplies. I found that dividing these into warm and cool colors makes it easier to grab the pencils from the jars because they are not overly full…plus, they look even better on display!

Higher shelves are filled with Jane Davenport Inkcredible inks, Nuvo Crystal Drops, and Dylusions paint. I lined up a few patterned scissors from my old-school scrapbook days, and finished off the board with my very first washi tape holder. My husband helped me make the washi tape holder years ago from a tray I bought at Home Goods, back when I thought it would hold my entire washi tape collection. Bless my heart 😂

The final touch for my pegboard is the flare collection I’ve acquired from By The Well 4 God. Every month, they include multiple flare pieces on their devotional kits, and I love collecting them and displaying them in my crafty space. I think it is in small details like this that a space really becomes your own!

My pegboard truly turned into the pegboard of my dreams. Every time I walk by my craft space, just seeing it makes me smile. It inspires and organizes…the ultimate combo!

Have you ever had a pegboard in your room? What’s your favorite way to display your supplies?

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Crafty Pegboard

  1. Your studio space is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing all the little components that make it so special. You’ve inspired me to think about my own space in a new way-especially with the multifunctional pegboard!

  2. has pegboard changed> Because the one I had eons ago drove me crazy the way that the fibers would shed from within the holes, whenever you put it the hooks.

  3. Where did you get the hooks tonhang those smaller shelves on your pegboard. I’m always looking for better ways to utilize mine!

    1. Most of the hooks were passed down to me from my dad’s garage. But, I’ve seen similar ones at Home Depot. The IKEA spice racks are hung with screws, just mounted through the pegboard.

  4. I loved your March 2019 craft tour video. You gane me so many useful tips. How did you decopouge around the holes? Linda from NY

  5. Hi Elisa! Working on my pegboard and want to know what medium you used to decoupage. Is it gesso or just regular cheap glue, etc?

  6. so cool! What are the inks that have a woman sillouete on the bottle? Sometimes my bottles separate and I give them a shake and they work well.

  7. I’ve been looking for one of those mini carts you have on the desk in the bottom right (teal in color/2 levels) I would just die to know where you got it. 😭🙏

  8. Thank you so much for the inspiration! My mom set up an art studio in a storage room in her house and it was cramped and disorganized! I had my dad build her a pegboard for Christmas, and I got all of the accessories, and organized her studio space. (AND moved a bunch of boxes of storage to a different area to make room for her creations.) I really loved your pegboard and referred back to it many times during my adventure!

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