“His Story” Sermon Notebook

img_2062For the first time ever, By the Well 4 God released a “mini-set” and I am in love with all the elements!  The name of this vintage-inspired line is “His Story” and includes an extra large stamp set, ephemera pieces, vintage library card notepads, memory dex cards and tags, travelers notebooks, and so much more!  Also included is a devotional by the talented Missy Brown who shares her heart about owning your story, because it is in fact His story.

I decided to use my set for a slightly different purpose….sermon notes!  Every Sunday, I take notes in a traveler’s notebook while taking in that week’s sermon.  It helps me to stay engaged and focused while also giving me notes to look back on when I get home or even later in the week.  I have been using some simple dot grid TNs, but decided that perhaps utilizing this “His Story” product line would be a fresh inspiration as I take notes.

img_2065To create the title page and the first page for notes, I started in the same way.  Utilizing plastic packaging, watercolor, and a water brush pen, I dropped some water color around the page.  I lovingly refer to this as “watercolor smooshing”!  Its a great way to get some interesting color and texture on the the background of a page.  I also worked in two different “V” forms, one going side-ways and one in the classic “V” shape across two pages.  This helps move the eye around the page…perfect for notetaking!

The rest of the pages came together very easily thanks to the extra large and extra versatile stamp set that came as part of the His Story bundle.  The stamp set has a wonderful vintage typewriter that took center stage on the title page.  The three different journaling spot stamps allowed me to create anchors for highlighting key verses and take-aways in my notes.  And, the vintage library card is the perfect place for recording the sermon title, pastor, and date!

I am so excited to use this new notebook on Sunday!  Something about opening up to a beautiful page really does inspire me.  I am a whole-hearted believer in note-taking to really solidify a concept, but I don’t think a little color and decoration hurts either!

How do you like to take notes in church?  Do you decorate the page before or after, or just stick with words?  Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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