“Standing Up” Bible Journaling Process

img_2330First off, I believe that everyone has creativity in them.  I believe that we are all born with creativity and that different experiences in our lives either encourage or push-down that innate creative ability.  So, when people tell me that Bible journaling is not for them because they are not artistic, I just don’t believe it!  We all are attracted to color in one way or another.  All of our faith journeys can be enhanced by utilizing more aspects of our personalities while diving into the Bible.  Today, I am sharing a simple, yet striking Bible journal page I created after a recent sermon at church.  There are no fancy techniques or “artistic ability” required.  Just a desire to explore the creative side of your personality!  Check out the process here:

Our sermon in church focused on the act of standing in worship and how that also relates to standing up for our faith outside the walls of the church.  Basically, living lives that shout to the world that we are believers and that our world view is through that lens.  I wanted focus on a quote that came to mind while reflecting on the sermon…

“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

As I mentioned before, there are no special techniques needed for this page.  I used a variety of alphas stamps I have in my stash (I will link them below), and also a variety of VersaMagic Chalk Inks.  Chalk inks are ideal for Bible journaling because they have rich color without bleeding through the page.  They do take some time to dry though, so make sure to leave your page out overnight or use a drying tool!

img_2332As I was planning my quote, I chose a couple of words to stand out and assigned those to the largest alpha stamps I had.  After knowing I wanted to highlight those words, I based the rest of the layout on that, wanting to make sure I kept to the margins of the page.  Super simple, yet it captured to exact take-away I had from that week’s sermon.

Do you consider yourself an artist?  What is holding you back from diving in and embracing a creative hobby like Bible journaling or art journaling?  Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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