Creating Layers in Art Journaling

img_2572-1I feel like one of the most common techniques in art journaling is the creation of layers.  Artists do this in so many ways, some subtly and some much more bold!  In my art journal process this week, not only do I create layers of color and texture on a single page, but also pull out my trusty scissors to create some very literal layers in my art journal.  This was a complete experiment, but was so rewarding in the end!  Check out my video for this process below:

To begin this series of pages, I chose 4 Distress Oxide Sprays – Wilted Violet, Peeled Paint, Mermaid Lagoon, and Faded Denim.  I used these in various combinations to create seven 2-page layouts.  The layouts on either end (layout 1 and layout 7) corresponded in color, as did all the layouts working in from there.  After spraying each page with two different colors, I used a paper towel to soak up a bit of the spray as well as help to create my first layer of texture.

img_2571-1The next layers that I added came from a variety of stencils.  The first technique used a wet baby wipe through a stencil to essentially lift up some of the oxide spray.  This lifting technique gave the effect that the stencil had been underneath the sprayed area the whole time.  It also added another layer of texture.  After taking up color on each spread, I also laid color down through a stencil.  I used several corresponding Distress Oxide Inks and another baby wipe to spread color through stencils on each page.  This added a third layer to each page!  The last element of the background included using a set of Jane Davenport Mandala stamps to add another complimentary color to the page.  Each page still primarily consisted of only 2 colors, but now had 4 layers as the background came together!



Now came the fun part…cutting into my art journal!  I used a series of oval cutting mats from Creative Memories to achieve the effect I was going for.  Starting with the inner most layout, I cut a large oval out of the center of the page, making sure to use cutting mats to protect the pages behind.  I repeated this process with two smaller ovals, affectively creating a peek-a-boo feeling to this layout.



To add more interest and detail to each layout, I grabbed for my Jane Davenport collage napkins.  These things are fantastic and I use them all the time in my art journaling!  To apply an image to your page, all you have to do is separate out the white ply from the rest of the napkin.  Then, brush Liquitex Matte Gel medium onto the page, place the image on the page, and seal it with Liquitex Matte Gel medium over the top.  They melt into your page beautifully and add such a whimsical feel!



To wrap up the pages, I added paint splatters with metallic watercolor as well as a few inspiring quotes about digging deep, owning who you are, and being willing to push yourself to new limits.  My favorite way to find inspirational quotes is to scour Pinterest…what about you?!?

img_2572-1This art journal entry was so fun to do, and with all the pages it took up, it helped me toward my goal of wrapping up this art journal by the end of the year!  Have you ever cut into an art journal page?  How’d it turn out?  Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife


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