“God’s Flock” Bible Journal Process

img_4293Well, I started another new devotional.  And here’s the thing…it’s not new at all.  In fact, it is a pretty old devotional from By the Well 4 God that I never had the chance to dive into.  But, as I was placing my most recent order, this devotional was calling my name.  And, after diving in, I know why!  This devotional is hitting MY desk at the perfect time in my journey.  Check out the process for this entry:

You see, because I am on the creative team at BTW4G, it is important that I am staying up on the most recent devotional.  But, I was journaling YEARS before ever being on a creative team, and I know from experience, keeping up with all the great products out there can be difficult.  In fact, sometimes it feels impossible.  While it is so much fun to work on a kit or devotional at the same time that the entire community is working on it, sometimes that is not God’s plan.  Maybe it doesn’t fit into your budget, or you are in a busy season where Bible journaling is not a priority for you.  That is OKAY!  Take the time you need!  Follow God’s call and work through devotionals at the pace that is right for you.  If that means it takes you two months, than okay!  If that means that you don’t sit down to look at a devotional from 2017 until the fall of 2019, than maybe that is God’s perfect timing at work.  Don’t ever feel discouraged that you aren’t “keeping up”.  It’s not a race…we are all on this journey together!

img_4294Now, as passionately as I felt about jumping into this devotional, I was equally as indecisive when it came to laying out this entry.  I really have been Bible journaling for coming up on 4 years.  That means I have created HUNDREDS of entries, yet sometimes I still get stuck, which was the case with this page.  I fussed, rearranged, eliminated, added back in, and fussed more with this page.  That’s okay too!  Not all pages come easily, and that doesn’t mean they are any less valuable to our faith walk.  One tip that I have picked up over the years is that when I am feeling indecisive, starting to adhere a few elements down on the page seems to help.  It limits my choices with the rest of the elements.  That is exactly what I did in this case…slowly and methodically placing and adhering certain elements that I felt okay with!  And, before I knew it, that page had come together beautifully and I felt super proud of the outcome!

img_4296What devotion or kit are you working through right now?  Or do you prefer to do faith journaling in a more free-form way, not necessarily following a specific kit?  Let me know in the comments below and leave some encouragement for others who might feel like they are falling behind!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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  1. I finished the Adorned kit about 3 weeks ago and am now in our church’s bible study until November. The thing is I have no less than ten kits from BTW4G & Illustrated Faith waiting for me. I a so slow but want to enjoy and not feel pressure to keep going one right after another. Guess I like to absorb for awhile. I am also working in Art Journaling and free form Bible Journaling. You are always such a wonderful inspiration. Thank you

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