“October” Art Journal Process

img_4179It’s fall, y’all!  Seriously, I love fall…the crisp weather, the yummy food and drinks, the comfy clothes.  I love it all!  With fall on my mind and in my heart, I dug into my art journal page this week…check out the process on my YouTube channel:

I share in my video that this page does not turn out anywhere close to what I imagined.  In fact, I almost scrapped all the footage because I really wasn’t pleased with the result.  But, I wanted to go ahead and put it out there to show that you can be proud of your work, even if you aren’t in love with the result.  I am super proud of how far I have come as an art journal enthusiast, and I am proud of the time that I have committed to this project.  Any time that I dedicate to creativity is valuable, and I want to celebrate the fact that I made time for myself to create this entry.

img_4172So often, we are results driven.  But, the process truly is the most important part.  Did I learn something?  Yes.  Would I make changes if I were to do this page again?  Yes!  And here is the great part…I can do this page again!  I can do it again and again and again until I am completely pleased with the result.  But, what really benefits me is the journey I take while creating that page over and over again.  And every step on that journey deserves to be celebrated.  The same is true for you!  Every step you take in the direction of embracing your creative side is worth celebrating.  So, even though I have some fear about how this page will be accepted “out in the world”, it deserves to be shared, because the process of creating it was beautifully messy.

img_4177I hope that you are able to find some time today to get creative and get messy!  Don’t worry about what your project looks like in the end, but embrace the process!  You should be proud of making time for your creativity…I am proud of you!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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