Gratitude Documented Card Making Process

img_5782Here’s the truth…I’m not really sure I am going to be great at instructing how I make my Gratitude Documented cards.  And here is why….I am having so much fun making them, it is hard for me to slow down enough to really explain the reasoning behind my design choices.  I pull out all my supplies and completely cover my desk with fun goodies.  Then, I pick and choose, glue and sew, and cut and stick until I am happy with the look.  For me, having my cards overflow with bits and bobs has really become the hallmark of this project.  The abundance of the layering reminds me of the abundance of this season, and I am all in!  But, in an effort to show you a little bit of behind the scenes, check out this process video:

Here is the basic run down of how I create my cards:

  1. Cut a piece of patterned paper to size – My cards are all 4″ x 5″ to fit in the box I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I prefer to start with a patterned background because I find it a bit less intimidating to begin.  Plus, I know that the flashcards I add to each card will really pop off a patterned background.
  2. Layout the flashcard with the prompt – Every card has a flashcard adhered to it in some way that gives the word prompt for the day as well as the scripture reference.  These flashcards came with the Gratitude Documented kit, but are also available for download over at the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray shop.
  3. Choose the other main element for the card – Besides the prompt, I tend to have one other main element for each card.  That may be a series of flower die-cuts, a large sticker, or just fun layered washi.  I decide on the one other big visual element I want on the card and stick to it!
  4. Decide where the scripture will go – Each card I create has to have a place to write scripture.  This may be on a tag, behind a tip in, or on another area that I have designated.  It doesn’t have to be super big, just enough for a verse or two.
  5. Embellish, embellish, embellish – Like I stated before, I am not holding back on this project.  I want all the layers, texture, and embellishments I can get.  So, even when I think I might be done with a card, I take a second look to see if there are any more small details that can be added.  This has been so fun to do, I can’t imagine creating “simple” cards ever again!

That’s it!  That is the basic procedure I follow when creating these cards.  But like I said, I have so much fun playing with all of the beautiful elements, that it is hard to nail down a specific technique that I use on each card.  I love playing with the art in advance so that in the morning during my quiet time, I can really focus on the scripture and the heart behind this devotional.  Most of the supplies are from my stash, but I will link the few I could find online below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

Supplies Used:

FREE Gratitude Documented Prompts

Gratitude Documented Journal

Maggie Holmes Heritage Ephemera Pack

Maggie Holmes Heritage Sticker Pack

Maggie Holmes Heritage Paper Pack


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