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img_6360As I have mentioned before, I don’t always have a plan when I get started on a traveler’s notebook spread.  Usually, I pick a few pictures, stick them down, and go from there.  I never like documenting to be too complicated, because that slows me down.  And for me, any spread that is finished is better than a “perfect” spread that is never done.  So, I like to keep it simple.

However, when I sat down this week to do some documenting, I was tired.  Like, middle of the fall season, mother of three, PTA president, volunteer, and blogger tired.  Seriously, I have a million projects going at once, and I was feeling a bit fried.  But, creativity is where I always turn to refill my tank, so I knew I would feel better after having spent some time crafting.  I just didn’t want to have to do all the thinking!

That is where inspiration layouts come in!  There are a whole bunch of traveler’s notebook inspiration photos to be found on Pinterest.  I actually keep a whole board full of them.  Studio Calico generally has one most weeks on their blog, and these are fabulous to turn to as a jumping off point for your very own layout!  I have lots of people ask me how they can learn to layer and combine elements, and this is certainly one very effective way!  So, for my layout this week, I turned to this photo from the Studio Calico blog(

I used this layout as the jumping off point for my page to document Halloween pictures.  I loved that it included so many spots for pictures on the page, and the layering also appealed to me!  These layouts are easy enough to make your own because you get to decide how you want to fill in the design.  I opted for all photos on the left, but could have easily done a mix of photos and paper pieces.  On the right, I chose to hide my journaling in a vellum pocket, but I could have also typed it or written it out as pictured.  I also added additional embellishments on the page because I’ve never been accused of being subtle!

I’d love to encourage you to head over to Pinterest and check out some of these traveler’s notebook sketches.  It is a great exercise to adapt one for your needs, and will definitely help you grow as a paper crafter.  I certainly enjoyed working with this one!  I was able to craft, unwind, and not put too much time into over-thinking how I wanted the layout to look.  I am so thankful for other crafters that share their talents with the rest of us online!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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