Rainbows & “One Little Word” Art Journal Process

IMG_8706It has been about 6 weeks since I last did an art journal page…so crazy!  I was excited to jump back in, but definitely felt a bit clumsy as I was getting started.  I think that is pretty common with any activity that you have taken a break from.  Whenever I’ve stepped back from working out or running and then try to get back in, the first few times always feel a bit awkward.  Or when you’ve been really laying low and spending time at home with your people, it feels a bit weird to be out and about in the world again.  But, there is no way to conquer that awkwardness except to just push through!  So, here I am with my first art journaling process of 2020:

I began this process with a simple intent in mind.  I wanted to play with the new colors of Distress Oxide Spray that were gifted to me for Christmas.  I just can’t get enough of this spray!  I love the range of colors because they coordinate so well with all my other Distress supplies.  Plus, the chalky look it has when it has dried is a nice change up from other sprays in my stash.  I began each of these pages with a diagonal rainbow of color that completely covered up each spread.  Mixed over the top in a few spots were some Dylusions shimmer sprays, also in rainbow colors.  The contrast that the shimmer creates with the chalk finish of the Distress Oxide sprays was really nice!

The next step for each page used a Dylusions “Squiggle” stencil, but I used it in a couple of different ways.  On the first layout, I sprayed the stencil with Pixie spray to secure it to one half of the layout, and then I used white Dylusions paint and a sponge brush to paint directly over the stencil.  Because the Dylusions paint is pretty thin, the negative spaces did not turn completely white, but had a more pastel tone.  In retrospect, I wish that I had put on thinner layers and had the patience to let the piece completely dry between each layer.  I would have preferred a crisp white that completely covered up all of that rainbow, but alas my impatience won out this time.

On the second layout, instead of only covering up half of the page, I laid the stencil across the entire two page spread.  And, instead of using white paint, I reached for black soot Distress Oxide spray.  What a difference!  The spray covered very well, but of course did not dry in a dark black, but more of a subtle black finish.  I also included droplets of Mica spray from Ranger.  If you only press down the nozzle halfway, you end up getting a series of droplets on the page.

IMG_8689Okay, back to the first spread….my next goal was to add two focal points of black flowers.  I pulled out a set of stamps from Felicity Jane called “Rebekah”.  The issue that I ran into was that I did not let the white acrylic paint completely dry, so the stamping became just a bit messy.  None the less, I pushed through and stamped out two different areas of black flowers.  I also added a woman stamp from Dina Wakley’s “Love Rocks” stamp set.

IMG_8702Details and titles on both pages were added primarily with paint pens.  I am loving paint pens recently and am considering going out to buy a large array of colors.  They work so well with art journaling!  Do you have a favorite brand of paint pen?  Any techniques that you love using them on?  Let me know in the comments below.

As I added finishing touches to both layouts, I was pleased with each one.  Not my favorite art journal layouts that I have ever done, but it felt good to get messy and creative in my art journal once again.  Sometimes, you have to just jump in and be okay with whatever the final product ends up being!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

Supplies Used:  (Some of these are affiliate links…they don’t cost you any more, but go a long way toward supporting this blog and my channel!)


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