“Faithful” Mixed Media Bible Journal Process

img_0986Who doesn’t love the Book of Ruth?  It is a remarkable story of faithfulness, loyalty, and moral decency that takes place during the turbulent time period of the Judges of Israel.  Naomi shows loyalty to her family and to her God.  Ruth shows faithfulness to Naomi, and also is a living testimony to Naomi’s ability to share her faith.  And lastly, Boaz shows loyalty to his family, kindness to both Ruth and Naomi, and faith in God’s plans.  Throughout the whole story, God demonstrates how immensely faithful He is to His believers.  It is a wonderful book full of lessons that we unpacked in a recent sermon at church, and I was excited to journal an entry for this sermon:

img_0990For this particular entry, I decided to do a few mixed media techniques, but did not want to necessarily get “messy” in my Bible.  A perfect solution for this is to work on a piece of paper outside your Bible, and then cut pieces, shapes, or alphas out to attach to your journaling entry.  This is a great way to try out some mixed media fun without worrying about being able to control the final product in your Bible…I know that can be a big hurdle for a lot of people!

Creating my base mixed media page was a process of playing with layers and textures.  I started with multiple sprays from both the Distress Oxide line and the Dina Wakley gloss spray line.  It was interesting to see how the two worked together, especially when I added moisture through a stencil and began the oxidation process with the Distress inks. I used a combination of stenciling and stamping to complete my mixed media page, topping it all off with a splattering of gold watercolor paint.

I cut a series of glasses and the stamped word “Faithful” out of my mixed media page, then had enough left over to save for another project.  The rest of the page really came together quickly around a quote provided in this weeks sermon:

“I know nothing which so stimulates my faith in my Heavenly Father as to look back and reflect on His faithfulness to me in every crisis and every chilling circumstance of life.  Over and over He has proved His care and concern for my welfare. Again, and again, I have been conscious of the Good Shepherd’s guidance through dark days and deep valleys.” -Philip Keller

It can be a lot of fun to play with mixed media on a separate sheet of paper or even in an art journal and then carefully incorporate it into a Bible journal page.  It allows you to free up your creativity and really experiment without the worry of ruining an entry you care about.  Additionally, because Bible pages aren’t always ready to stand up to mixed media, this ensures that you won’t have any damage to the page.

img_0991If you are interested in checking out the sermon this entry is based on, here is the link to listen!

Have a great day!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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