Arteza Metallic Watercolors Review

img_1241From time to time, companies reach out and ask me if I would be interested in trying out their products and reviewing them on my YouTube channel.  Generally I only say yes when it is a product that I was interested in trying out previously.  Well, when Arteza reached out about their metallic watercolors, you better believe I jumped at the chance!  Metallic watercolors are one of my very favorite art supplies, and I am always up for trying a new brand.  Check out my review and process for setting up this brand new watercolor set:

Spoiler alert – the are GORGEOUS!  Seriously, I am in love with the quality, the shine, and the array of colors.  For the price, I don’t think that you could beat this particular set of metallics.  Are there higher quality sets out there?  Probably, but you will most likely be paying a much higher price.  Considering the way that I use my watercolors and the projects I create, these are a perfect fit.

Some key points you want to consider when testing/purchasing a new watercolor set:

  1. Quality – Paints range from student to artist level qualities.  The price range varies greatly too, depending on what end of the quality spectrum you are on.  Generally, if you are not creating pieces to sell, you might not need the highest artist grade paints.  However, the more experience you gain in this medium, the more you will really be able to see the differences in the two extremes!
  2. Color Selection – One of the plus sides of watercolor is that you can easily blend colors to create your own unique colors.  I am a lazy painter at times though, so I prefer watercolor sets that already come with a wide array of colors.  I definitely don’t prefer mixing my own custom colors for each project.
  3. Permanence – Cheaper watercolors will fade over time.  They also tend to have a chalky feel when they dry.  The Arteza metallic watercolors dry beautifully!
  4. Transparency – The very nature of watercolors is that the more water you add, the more transparent the color becomes.  However, you really want to look for a set of colors that allows light to pass through as you layer them on top of each other.  That is when you get some beautiful dimension to your work!
  5. Pans or Tubes – This is definitely a personal preference.  I actually prefer pans because I don’t go through watercolors that quickly, and pans allow for easier crafting on the go.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Arteza Metallic Watercolors as a solid set of watercolors for an amateur artist like myself.  They are gorgeous, have a wide array of colors available, and will add just a bit of shine to your projects!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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