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I am certainly a woman that has TONS of craft supplies. Nobody would argue with that! There are times though that I am so excited to use the “latest and greatest” that I forget to dive back into my stash to check out some of my favorite supplies. So, I was excited when my friend Jessa challenged me to use 5 different stamp sets all on one entry. I certainly gave it my best shot!

I am currently still working on “Big Story, Part 1” from Illustrated Faith. Yes, I realize that the month of June is over, but I am not quite done with the devotional, and I never like to rush through. Plus, I honestly do enjoy working through every bit of each devotional. I get so much out of the reading, studying, AND the art, that I don’t like to skip over any of the parts. The prompt that I was working through involved looking at Genesis 3 and the pattern established early on in the Bible – Command, Disobedience, Exile, Hope.

That pattern is woven throughout the Bible, and it highlights not only our disobedient nature as humans, but God’s loving grace as our Creator. No matter how we disobey or how far we wander, He will always pursue us. He wants to be in relationship with us. He won’t just let us go astray and not make an attempt to redeem us. Now, in the end, we have to repent, meaning turn away from our disobedience and turn back to God. But, we can always hold onto the hope that when we are ready, He will be there waiting for us!

I have been loving working in my disc bound system this summer because of the freedom it allows me in taking out the pages and going to town with my mixed media! For this entry, I started by using a newer stencil from “Big Story, Part 2”, and working with clear embossing ink and clear embossing powder. This is a fun technique that I have used before. Once you have melted the clear embossing powder, you can actually blend ink over the top for a great background effect!

The stamps that I ended up using on this page are the following:

  • “Use Your Wings” – Illustrated Faith
  • “Big Story, Part 1” – Illustrated Faith
  • “Big Story, Part 2” – Illustrated Faith
  • “Stencil Alpha” – Illustrated Faith
  • “Label Love” – Illustrated Faith

Many companies like Illustrated Faith have a very cohesive brand feel with their products. This makes it really easy to mix and match the stamps on one spread. They all tend to go together very nicely. See if you can spot all the different stamps that I used!

Are you good at reaching into your stash and grabbing products from the past? If not, consider taking the stamp challenge – 5 different stamp sets all used on one layout. It could be Bible journaling, art journaling, or memory keeping…maybe even on a card! Make sure to tag me if you give it a try!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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