Memory Keeping in Quarantine

This summer looks different than any other summer that I can remember. There are no travel plans, no visits to the community pool, and no fun outings to museums or movies. It is a different kind of summer, but that certainly does not mean that it can’t or shouldn’t be documented. So, while it feels different, I am still working on documenting these days!

As I dove into my pocket pages this week, I was faced with a “fear” that I’ve run into before. When I am looking at a beautiful piece of 12×12 paper, it can be really hard for me to cut it up. I hate to break up the gorgeous design! But, because I don’t do 12×12 layouts anymore, all of my 12×12 paper would go to waste if I never dived in.

I feel like it is so important to use your supplies!!! They are beautiful for sure, and of course, we all really love looking at the lovely papers, stickers, Washi tapes, etc. that are in our stash. But, if you never use them, you won’t really experience the full joy of that supply. Craft supplies are meant to be used, not just collected. Go ahead, cut into those papers, pull out those stickers, and go for it!

As for my adventures in pocket pages, I am still learning and growing. What I have found challenges me is considering the visual weight of the entire page as well as the balance of each individual card. I am limited on layout possibilities because of the inserts I am using, so it definitely makes me think a bit more than I thought it would. But, I still feel like pages are coming together fast than in my traveler’s notebooks or A5 journals. And in this season of my life, faster is definitely better!

So, I’ve got to know, what supplies are in your stash that you are hesitant to use? Anything you’ve been hoarding away? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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