Creating Easy Art Journal Backgrounds

I’ve been pretty open about how this time of quarantine has taken its toll on my creativity. I would say that my art journaling inspiration has taken the biggest hit. The thought of sitting down and putting together a whole art journal page has felt pretty daunting. Generally, an art journal entry takes me a couple of hours to piece together. Who has that time with 3 kids running around at home?!? So, this week, I took a different approach!

I sat down full of inspiration to just play with backgrounds, and the creativity started flowing! I actually was able to create 5 unique art journaling backgrounds in well under an hour. Focusing just on the backgrounds felt very freeing, and I was reinvigorated. I am actually looking forward to coming back to these pages and building on them in the coming weeks!

Make sure to check out the video to get some inspiration about changing up your background method. And, keep an open mind to how you can break out of a creative rut. I always thought that I just needed to power through, but actually, approaching from a different angle is what ended up working for me.

I hope you all find yourselves brimming with creativity these days, and if you don’t, please know that you aren’t alone. It’s okay and perfectly normal to go through dry spells! Try looking at your projects from a different angle to see how that might change your outlook.

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

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