Our Mediator Superpowers

Have you ever thought of yourself as a super hero? I’m not sure that I have before, except possibly one time when I actually figured out how to straps both twin babies into my baby wrap and walk around the house when they were brand new. That was a heroic accomplishment!

The past few weeks at church, we have been in the midst of a sermon series entitled “Mediator”. The lead character for this series has been a “Mediator” super hero, a fictional character that is endowed with powers from the Bible. Here’s the hook – we are actually all given these “superpowers” when we accept Jesus as our savior. It’s been an interesting sermon series, and now that we are through covering the main superpowers, I created a Bible journaling page to summarize the first half of the series.

When Christ gave his life for us, he repaired our broken relationship with God. We no longer require a mediator to communicate on our behalf with our God. And not only that, but we are called to be mediators for Christ, working in this world to bring others the good news. As mediators we are given certain powers: healing, peace, hope, intercession, forgiveness, and wisdom. When we access these powers, given to us by the Holy Spirit, we are able to do God’s work in this world and bring Him glory! It has been a really timely series, and you can check it out here:


This entry was really very simple to put together, just a mix of acrylic paint, watercolor, and colored pencils! The simple process allowed for lots of time of reflection and prayer, which is always ideal when Bible journaling. It is rare that I do such a literal interpretation of a sermon series, but this one has been so fun, I knew I wanted to record it in my Bible!

How do you like to record sermon notes?

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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