“True North” Journal Set-Up

This month’s devotional from By the Well 4 God is called “True North” and it is all about weathering the storms of life and focusing on our true north. It is going to be a deep and very timely devotional, and I am excited to jump in. You can check out my unboxing here:

Everyone has different methods when approaching these devotionals, even members of the creative team! Some like to read the devotional all the way through to get a true sense of what the topic is before diving deeper. Some study several days at a time. I prefer to do one day at a time, taking it in and studying as I go. For me it helps me to follow the journey that the author has laid out for us.

I am anticipating that “True North” will be a devotional with a ton of scripture references (BTW4G devotionals are always full of those!), and I am thinking that I will have a lot of notes and thoughts that I will want to get down as I study. For this reason, I am formatting my journal a bit differently, and my art work will need to fit within that framework.

I have really been enjoying working in a disc bound system for my planning recently, including my faith planning. I like the freedom it affords me to add papers in and take pieces out as I need. So, I opted to use the same disc bound method for my study notebook for True North. I happened to have a beautiful set of black Happy Planner discs from a recent Be Happy Box purchase, and they compliment the colors of the devotional really nicely.

This is also one of the first times that I have primarily used the coordinating digital papers that are offered in the BTW4G Etsy shop. They were just so gorgeous this month, I could resist. Plus, that means that I can save the rest of my goodies for artwork this month! I formatted the various pages in my notebook to have room for scripture writing, note taking, and then artwork pages. The artwork pages were specifically cut out of watercolor paper, which I am pretty excited about!

I do love changing up my study format each month to fit the style of the devotional. It also is more fitting for my on-the-go lifestyle this month, since I will likely be studying in the midst of also monitoring virtual school for all three of my kids. Talk about a storm!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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