Well, I am sure that you all saw this coming, considering how hyper focused I have been on my planners recently! I have been wanting to try out memory planning, and it turned out that a few weeks ago, the Happy Planner had some of their memory planners on super sale. So, October hit, and off I went!

Memory planning is really appealing to me for a few different reasons. First off, it feels like a natural progression for someone that really does enjoy working in planners and appreciates the structure of a weekly layout. Secondly, it seems to be an easy way to document the everyday happenings in my family’s life without filling tons of scrapbooks up. And last, the time commitment is minimal. Layouts can be super involved, but can also be relatively simple with just a few pictures and stickers. I love the structure combined with the flexibility that I feel within that structure.

The other factor that I took into consideration when deciding to go the memory planning route was whether or not I would be able to use the traditional scrapbooking supplies that I know and love. While the Happy Planner offers a variety of memory planning stickers, I love so many other kits, and I wasn’t ready to stop using them. So, I challenged myself to figure out how I can use the supplies I love within this new system. It turns out, it works beautifully!

Have you ever tried a form of memory planning before? What was your experience? Did you go with bullet journaling or a different format? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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