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It is that moment that every crafter fears. We avoid it at all costs through creative solutions, rearranged priorities, and even letting go of things we hold dear, but eventually we all reach a certain point. What am I speaking of? I’m talking about the point where we officially max out our creative space. The longer you craft, the more likely you are to encounter this point, quite possibly multiple times. We reach the moment where we simply can NOT take in any new craft supplies without completely busting at the seams. I feel like I am dangerously close to reaching that point in my own craft space, so I thought I’d share a few last ditch efforts I am making to avoid that “maxed out” feeling.

#1 – Keep Looking Up!

Wall space is often overlooked in our creative spaces. When you are running out of room, look up! What wall space can you add shelving or pegboards to? How can you utilize the space above your desk? You certainly don’t want to “close-in” your space by filling every last inch with shelving, hanging rails, etc., but more times than not, there is some valuable real estate that can be claimed on your walls.

#2 – Rearrange Your Supplies to Meet Your Needs

Have you ever heard of the term “back stock”? Back stock is when you have an overage of supplies that you will need at some point, but do not currently need in your space. This term was popularized in the Netflix series, “Home Edit”. It can be used in your craft space! There is no way that you can simultaneously use all the things in your craft room. Many of us have supplies that are meant for a variety of different projects, whether they are different mediums or even different seasons. Consider going through your space and determining what is “back stock”. Take those things out of the space, place them in clearly labeled boxes, and rotate those boxes in as necessary. If you find that you don’t really reach for those boxes, perhaps it is okay to let them go. Using the concept of back stock can help free up visual clutter that you might be feeling in your space.

#3 – Update Your Organization Systems

It’s true, sometimes we can be too hyper focused on the latest and greatest organization solution. We can spend so much time organizing our supplies that we never actually USE our supplies. But, the truth is, if your space is feeling maxed out, it might be time to update your organization systems. No organization system can CREATE space in your craft area, but it can better utilize space. Consider looking at your space as a blank slate. Imagine that if you were starting over, what organization solutions would best suit your needs. While it might not be possible to do a complete overhaul, you may be able to start shifting towards some new solutions that will be more functional for you.

#4 – Stop Spending, Start Crafting

Yes, this is a hard one. Trust me, I am right there with you! But, if your space is feeling maxed out, it is probably time to stop bringing in new supplies and really focus on using up what you have. I went through this recently with a couple of scrapbook subscriptions I was participating in. I absolutely love Felicity Jane and Hip Kit Club, and thoroughly enjoyed receiving products from each company every month. But, as my collection grew, my space was certainly not growing. I actually stopped my subscriptions for each company so that I could focus on using what was in my stash. My hope is that I can pick up my subscriptions again at some point, but for a while I need to stop the spending and start the crafting!

#5 – It’s Time for a Dirty Word

Yup, it’s time to do that thing that we don’t like to mention in polite crafting company. I’m of course referring to destash. It is so hard to let go of our carefully procured and curated craft supplies. After all, we picked up these supplies because they inspired us to create! But, when your space is approaching its max, it is time to make some hard choices. Let go of things that no longer serve your creative energy. If it’s been on the shelf for 6 months or more, it is probably time to let it go. It’s hard, but you can do it!

Now that I’ve written out these steps, I’ll be perfectly honest….it’s time for me to take a few of my own suggestions. This summer, I am preparing to take a fresh look at my craft space. Not because it is not beautiful or functional, but because I know that I am maxed out, and new space is not magically appearing. I want to feel inspired and relaxed in my room, which I can’t do when it is busting at the seams! Let me know what stage your creative space is in…are you fitting perfectly in your space or starting to bust out? What strategy are you going to use to conquer the mountain of supplies about to fall out the door? You may also want to check out some of my organization videos on YouTube – Check out this organization playlist!

Additionally, if you want a little more guidance in working through the destash process, maximizing your space, and creating a craft room that you love, be sure to check out my online course.

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

3 thoughts on “Maxed Out

  1. How very timely. I am, and probably have been for a while, Maxed Out. So, I stopped my subscription to Felicity Jane also and Archer and Olive. Destashing is so very hard for me but I have started by supplying my daughters new craft room with some of my things like card stock, some stencils and a few stamps. I have also committed to NOT buying anything else. Reorganizing is a constant for me. Not purchasing more organization products but just making better use of what I have.

    I do love your newsletters and blog posts. They are always so helpful and timely. Thank you Elisa for all you do and putting yourself out there for us.


  2. Hi, thank you for this information. Yes I need to stop buying and start using a heck of a lot more!

    May I ask where you got the cart (white) which appears to be longer and more narrow than the Ikea/Michaels carts?

    Thank you so much!

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