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I am just about to do the last couple of layouts in my latest art journal, and I am so excited about wrapping up this book! This one has been a long time in the making. It has taken me nearly two years to work through this particular art journal and it has presented many challenges along the way. The Dina Wakley mixed media journal has many different kinds of pages inside, almost like a junk journal feel. The burlap and denim were particularly challenging for me to work with, but I have definitely learned a lot along the way.

Now is the exciting time when I get to search for and choose a new art journal, and there are many choices out there. I thought I’d share a few of the journals I was considering and see if you all had any thoughts or opinions before I make a final choice. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you would like to see me work in!

Ranger Ink – Dylusions Classics Journal

Okay, so this one is pretty cool because it offers a variety of different papers inside, including Kraft, black, and white. It will provide the challenge of working with different backgrounds without being quiet as challenging as the denim and burlap that I have just wrapped up. I am a big fan of the Dylusions brand in general (as you can see from all the choices I have listed!), so I know that the paper should hold up pretty well to what I have to throw at it.

Dylusions Creative Journal

This one would fee a bit more like a “back to the basics” art journal. All the pages are white, which can be a real positive, because you can have freedom to do pretty much whatever you want to do! This book lays very flat, which is ideal for art journaling of course! Plus, I could easily customize the cover with whatever I wanted once I was done working in the book. This has the feel of the first art journal that I completed, so it definitely feels comfortable and like coming home.

Dylusions Creative Journal Square

This one is exactly like the standard Creative Journal, but as the name suggests, it is square. A wonderful subscriber of mine actually sent me a square black Creative Journal, and the size is very intriguing to me. It definitely makes you look at a spread differently because of how elongated the double spread feels. I think this would provide an interesting challenge.

Dylusions Dyalog System

This would be VERY different. The Dyalog system is basically a traveler’s notebook system. The books come in a large variety from blank, grid dot, lined, and even black pages. These can definitely be used for art journaling, but would be conducive to more intricate pages since it is on a smaller scale. It would definitely force me to take my art journaling skills out of their typical box and try some new things in the small format. It would be a challenge!

So, what do you think? Should I continue pushing outside my comfort zone, or go back to a book that feels a little more familiar? How far do I want to push? So many things to consider! Let me know your opinions below!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

2 thoughts on “Picking Out a New Art Journal

  1. All are good choices but I would like to see you work in the Dylusions Classics Journal. I think it would still push you out of the norm with the kraft and black pages but also allow you to slide back into comfortable when you really need to just flow. Just my opinion. I am still trying to get through my second journal and have the blue one you just finished yet to start. I also have the Dylusions Classics in my wish list because it does offer a variety. You know growth is about pushing out of the comfort zone but also doing some recovery back into the familiar. In the end you will do what is speaking to your heart. Blessings Elisa

  2. I’d love to see you try the Dylusions Dyalog System–mainly because I’d like to get it for myself, but I’m too cheap to buy it! It does look like an interesting system, though. Good luck with your decision!

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