Destashing Your Space – Questions to Ask

It’s a great time of year to take stock of your craft space. We are gearing up for a busy crafting season, and if you are like me, you have been acquiring quite a few new craft supplies in preparation for this fun time of year. So, before the end of the month (it’s getting close!), I challenge you to do a destash of your creative space. I know I am going to be doing one! Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are sorting through your craft supplies:

Does it work?

You would be shocked at how many craft supplies might be in your space that no longer work. The obvious culprits are supplies that can be used up: inks, paints, watercolors, pens, markers, etc. Not only do these supplies dry up, but they can also go bad. We are talking weird smells, mold, etc. Super gross for sure. Definitely check on those supplies first! But, there are other supplies that can stop working. Cutting tools that can’t be sharpened, papers that have faded, and stickers that have lost their stick. And, did you know that washi tape can go bad after some time? It’s true, it can completely lose its stick and even start to smell. Time to give all of your supplies a test run and toss out things that are not working optimally!

Does this supply “fit” with my current hobbies?

We evolve as crafters. Sometimes our tastes change and sometimes our hobbies change. Every now and then, I like to take stock of my craft room to see if the supplies I am storing really have purpose in my current hobbies. From the wood-burning phase that I went through to the dimensional flowers that I used to use all the time, there are a few items that I have tossed because I just don’t use them anymore. Just because I loved them at one time does not mean I have to love it forever! Take some time to list out your current hobbies and then make sure your supplies relate to those directly.

Does it fit in my space?

The truth is, we can’t house every single craft supply that we fall in love with. Eventually, we are maxed out on space. I like to use smaller containers to contain my supplies. When those containers are full, it’s time to destash. For instance, I use acrylic drawers for my washi tape, and clear containers to hold my stamp collection. Both have reached their max, so it is definitely time for me to go through them and clear out the pieces that I am not using anymore.

Did you buy it because you love it or because it was a good deal?

We have all fallen victim to the classic stock-up sale! You see some great deals on craft supplies, and it seems like a crime to not pick up them up. But, once they are in your space, they kind of lose their luster. Just because you got a great deal on a supply or tool does not mean you have to keep it! Keep what you love, ditch the rest!

Does USING it bring you joy?

Notice that I emphasized the word “using” in that question. Sometimes owning a craft supply can totally bring us joy. But, if it deserves a spot in our craft space, then we really have to enjoy using the craft supply. Use it or lose it totally applies here. Use what is in your space. If you aren’t using it, it is time to get rid of it! Don’t just admire your craft supplies and craft tools – pull them out and use them…make something fun!

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Time to set aside some time in the next couple of weeks to get your craft space in shape for the beginning of crafting season! And, let me know how it goes!

Keep it creative,

-The Scrappy Wife

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