Beauty in Organization

We’ve all heard the terms form and function before. “Form” refers to the look or design of a product or system. Generally, we are drawn to beautiful forms, whatever that “beauty” means to us. “Function” refers to how a product or system actually works. Is it functional? Is it useful? Does it fulfill the job that you need it to fulfill. All of us have a mix of form and function in our homes. We have artwork or knick-knacks that serve no actual function, but their forms bring joy into our homes. We also have functional pieces like trash cans and laundry room storage that may not be particularly beautiful, but that absolutely play an important role in the function of our home.

After working with other crafters for years talking about organization, I have learned that when organizing their own creative space, most crafters lean heavily on function. We take leftover pieces from around the house and make them work for our needs. We save random cardboard boxes, and jury rig something that will effectively store the craft supplies we love. Most of us prefer to save the bulk of our budget for buying actual crafting supplies as opposed to spending money on the organization tools and systems to organize those supplies. And trust me, I completely understand that! Often times when I am looking at the cost of a new piece of furniture or bin system, I think of how many sticker books I could buy for that amount of money. (Yes, I realize I already have enough sticker books! Just a little insight into my thought process…)

However, I am here to tell you to stop making do. There is a way to combine form and function in your craft space. And, it is so important to find both form and function, because when you are able to marry the two ideas in your craft space, your creativity, desire to create, and inspiration will go through the roof. Organization, especially in a creative space, goes way beyond just finding a place where everything fits! It is about carefully considering how you like to work and create. It is about having functional storage that works together as a system, as opposed to one-off solutions for individual items. It is about evaluating the “real-estate” that you are allotting different supplies in your room and determining if it is time for a shake-up in placement. It is about going deeper than just making all your things fit into a particular cabinet, but creating a system that draws you in to your supplies, showing them off and reminding you of what you have and why you bought them in the first place.

I am not telling you that you shouldn’t be using the “leftover” furniture from other parts of the house or that you must go out and buy a whole new system of storage bins or bags to organize your supplies. But, what I am encouraging you to do is to take a little time to reflect on both form and function in your space. If you are feeling uninspired, how can you add a little more “form” to your space to inspire your creativity. If you can’t seem to find any of your supplies, perhaps you leaned a little too much on the “pretty” and it is time to re-evaluate the functionality of your systems. Your creative space, whether it is a closet, a dining room table, or an entire room, deserves to be thought-out and inviting!

Just a few thoughts and reflections to kick off your weekend! I hope you all have time to create (and perhaps organize!) this weekend.

Keep it creative,

Elisa, The Scrappy Wife

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I'm a mom of 3 who loves all things creative! My current passion is bible journaling, a creative outlet that has really shaped my faith journey. I'm also excited about diving into some memory-keeping projects and dabbling in a bit of art journaling.

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