Simple Stamping for “A Little Me Time”

I feel like every crafty person goes through similar struggles during a typical work week. Whether you are a mom who stays home with little ones all day or someone who works, when evening time hits you are probably drained.  I know I am!  Chasing after twin 4 year olds, helping with 2nd grade homework,Continue reading “Simple Stamping for “A Little Me Time””

Sunday Secret #3 – Creating a Vision Board

I’ve known a lot of amazing women in my life.  Some I’ve had the privilege of knowing in person and others I’ve admired from afar through Instagram and blog posts.  They inspire me with their big dreams, ambitious goals, and willingness to put in the hardwork to achieve them!  One observation I’ve made is thatContinue reading “Sunday Secret #3 – Creating a Vision Board”

Sunday Secret #1

  It’s reveal time.  The name of my blog is “The Secret Life of a Scrappy Wife,”  so I suppose it’s time to start revealing some secrets.  Here it goes…. Secret #1 My handwriting is terrible, and it just doesn’t matter.   For real, my handwriting is awful.  I progressed to about a second gradeContinue reading “Sunday Secret #1”


Something about a new year always inspires me.  It’s a new chance, a new beginning, and an opportunity to try new things.  I’ve been reading some about choosing “One Little Word” that sets the tone for your entire year.  With 2019 bringing some big changes to my family (my twins are headed to kindergarten!), IContinue reading “Leap!”