“Summer Goodbyes” Memory Keeping Process

Goodbyes will always be hard. Goodbyes in the midst of a global pandemic that has the world turned upside down are especially hard. Recently, my parents made a big cross-country move, leaving the Northern Virginia area and making their way back to Texas. I decided to work through a little of the sadness of themContinue reading ““Summer Goodbyes” Memory Keeping Process”

Embracing Crafting Mistakes

We all make them.  Nobody is perfect.  Yeah, yeah, we hear that all the time.  Yet, when we go on social media, we see perfect lay-outs with crisp white backgrounds.  We see crisp stamping and clean lines.  And, all those things are great, but they are not the real world.  Glue gets out of controlContinue reading “Embracing Crafting Mistakes”

Creating an Inspirational Quote Journal

This summer has felt crazy hectic for me, and I am not completely sure why that is the case.  I’ve been juggling kids, chores, and a growing blog/YouTube that I am super passionate about.  I’ve ended a lot of days recently feeling just completely drained.  Somehow, in the midst of this, I decided what IContinue reading “Creating an Inspirational Quote Journal”

The 5 Crafty Things You Should be Buying from Dollar Tree

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Supply envy – We’ve all been there!  Personally, I LOVE to watch crafty YouTube gals (and guys!) who introduce me to new products and processes.  And, of course, I immediately think I have to have #allthethings.  Crafting products, especially gorgeous scrapbooking papers, stickers, ephemera, printables, etc. are so tempting toContinue reading “The 5 Crafty Things You Should be Buying from Dollar Tree”

Creating Pockets for Your Traveler’s Notebook

Pockets, pockets, pockets!  I am loving this trend of creating interactive elements in travelers notebooks and pretty much any paper crafting project.  It captures the essence of why we create our crafts in the first place.  They are meant to be used, interacted with, and appreciated.  I love creating pockets in my TNs because IContinue reading “Creating Pockets for Your Traveler’s Notebook”

“Life’s Short, Eat the Cake” – Art Journaling Process

Okay, I can’t help it. It’s my birthday month, and I have cake on the brain.  Not to mention that Mother’s Day just passed…yet another opportunity for cake. But, to be brutally honest, with swimsuit season just around the corner, cake has not felt like a great idea.  I feel like I may be becoming more andContinue reading ““Life’s Short, Eat the Cake” – Art Journaling Process”

My Top 10 Online Crafty Groups

Here’s the truth of my experience in crafting…it can be hard to find real-world crafty friends.  Interaction with other crafters provides friendship, support, and feeds your creativity!  But, the truth is that when I have looked for crafty meet-ups around me, I have not met with a ton of success.  I found a couple ofContinue reading “My Top 10 Online Crafty Groups”