Our Mediator Superpowers

Have you ever thought of yourself as a super hero? I’m not sure that I have before, except possibly one time when I actually figured out how to straps both twin babies into my baby wrap and walk around the house when they were brand new. That was a heroic accomplishment! The past few weeksContinue reading “Our Mediator Superpowers”

“Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process

I am a pretty creative person. I like to create when the feeling hits. But, as a blogger and a YouTube creator, I also have a schedule that I set for myself. Sometimes, the two don’t necessarily coincide. Such was the case this week when I was supposed to sit down and record an artContinue reading ““Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process”

“Hard Things” Art Journal Process

We can most definitely do hard things.  Many of us have been doing hard things for our whole lives, but it certainly has been magnified over the past 6 weeks or so.  Whether you are thriving in the midst of quarantine or barely getting through each day, you are still doing it!  You are pushingContinue reading ““Hard Things” Art Journal Process”

“Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process

Do you ever have “angry” creative time?  Like something has gotten under your skin and really irritated you, so when you sit down to create, that can’t help but come out in your art.  Maybe your art is a little more aggressive or bold than normal.  Maybe you opt for different colors or a differentContinue reading ““Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process”

“Just Because” Art Journal Process

As a creative blogger, I have a schedule of tasks and posts that I complete on a weekly basis.  Just like any other job, some days I am on the ball, knocking things out of the park and on other days, everything feels like a struggle.  I found myself sitting down to create and filmContinue reading ““Just Because” Art Journal Process”

“Unhacking Marriage” Bible Journal Process

In the midst of working through Bible journaling kits and devotionals, it is nice to stop and journal something that touches your heart, no theme required.  I have really been enjoying our most recent sermon series at church, and spending time journaling on Monday mornings has been the most pleasant way I can think ofContinue reading ““Unhacking Marriage” Bible Journal Process”

“October” Art Journal Process

It’s fall, y’all!  Seriously, I love fall…the crisp weather, the yummy food and drinks, the comfy clothes.  I love it all!  With fall on my mind and in my heart, I dug into my art journal page this week…check out the process on my YouTube channel: I share in my video that this page doesContinue reading ““October” Art Journal Process”

“Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process

When you have taken time away from creating, it can feel pretty intimidating to jump back in.  That is the exact position I found myself in after basically taking 3.5 weeks off from art journaling.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what direction I wanted my page to go in, so I decided toContinue reading ““Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process”

“Go Your Own Way” Art Journal Process

Some pages in my art journal are just test pages.  I use them to test out products for the first time, and then just leave them for later.  In today’s art journaling process, I come back to one of these pages and decide to give it a more “finished” look.  (Although, are art journal pagesContinue reading ““Go Your Own Way” Art Journal Process”