“There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process

There is just something super exciting about starting a new art journal!  This week, I was able to dive into a brand new art journal from Dina Wakley, which is providing me with some extra challenges due to the variety of materials the pages are made out of.  Right from the get-go, I was confrontedContinue reading ““There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process”

“Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process

Do you ever have “angry” creative time?  Like something has gotten under your skin and really irritated you, so when you sit down to create, that can’t help but come out in your art.  Maybe your art is a little more aggressive or bold than normal.  Maybe you opt for different colors or a differentContinue reading ““Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process”

“Watch Me” Art Journal Process

I am always in a rush.  Not because I am frequently running late.  Quite the opposite, I am always early.  I rush because I am a type A personality that really likes getting things done and crossed off of my to-do list.  Sometimes, that unfortunately bleeds over into my creative life, and the results areContinue reading ““Watch Me” Art Journal Process”

“Happy is…” Art Journal Process

What is “happy”?  What does it really mean to feel happy?  This is a question that I have been pondering during the more recent life transitions that my family and I have been going through.  I am someone that is programmed for stress.  I am a worrier, and in all honesty, I thrive in stressfulContinue reading ““Happy is…” Art Journal Process”

She Can & She Will Art Journal

My one mission when I sat down to do a bit of art journaling this week was to use primarily Jane Davenport supplies to work on creating one or more of her whimsical girls.  As I’ve mentioned before, I try to create time every Friday for art journaling, but this week my struggle was creatingContinue reading “She Can & She Will Art Journal”

Let the Page Surprise You

Spending time in my art journal continues to be one of the highlights of my week.  I reserve time every Friday for art journaling, and I work hard to mark off To-Do list items so that I can art journal guilt-free! This past Friday, the weather was dreary, but the coffee was warm, so afterContinue reading “Let the Page Surprise You”