She Can & She Will Art Journal

My one mission when I sat down to do a bit of art journaling this week was to use primarily Jane Davenport supplies to work on creating one or more of her whimsical girls.  As I’ve mentioned before, I try to create time every Friday for art journaling, but this week my struggle was creatingContinue reading “She Can & She Will Art Journal”

100 Days to Brave Bible Journaling

I feel like I may be the last person to jump on this bandwagon, but have you all checked out 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs?  This was on the top of my book wish list for 2019, and just over two weeks into this devotional, it has me taking a deep lookContinue reading “100 Days to Brave Bible Journaling”

Sunday Secret #7 – Finding Your Style

Paper crafters often develop very distinct styles.  Some gravitate toward crisp and clean.  Others embrace and celebrate white space.  And still others love perfectly coordinated crafts, with matching elements from every embellishment down to precisely matched ink.  All of these are beautiful styles that you can find all over Pinterest and Instagram.  They are pleasingContinue reading “Sunday Secret #7 – Finding Your Style”

Sunday Secret #5 – My Worst Journaling Pages

It’s not about the artwork.  That is how I open almost every Bible journaling class I teach.  It’s just not about the artwork.  But, if it isn’t about the look of the page, why do we scroll Pinterest and Instagram “liking” different pages?  Why do those of us that post frequently on social media spendContinue reading “Sunday Secret #5 – My Worst Journaling Pages”

Enchanted Watercolor Florals

Today, I dove deeper into a devotional by Tamara Arcilla called “Enchanted – Beauty & The Beast”.  Truthfully, the theme of the devotional and the gorgeous artwork attracted me to this item in the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray shop, but when I discovered the content revolved around Queen Esther, I was sold.  The storyContinue reading “Enchanted Watercolor Florals”

Enchanted Tip-in!

Today was a rainy day, and it began with a big test for me.  Literally, I took an online test this morning as the first step in a new side-career that I’ve been interested in for a while. The test was timed (45 minutes) and filled with essay questions.  I’m not quite sure how IContinue reading “Enchanted Tip-in!”