Tell Me a Story Art Journal Process

For some reason art journaling has been a bit more of a challenge for me recently. To be honest, I believe that 2020 and all the challenges it has brought is really starting to catch up. In order to help get myself motivated and inspired, I attempted an art journaling technique that I do notContinue reading “Tell Me a Story Art Journal Process”

“Hard Things” Art Journal Process

We can most definitely do hard things.  Many of us have been doing hard things for our whole lives, but it certainly has been magnified over the past 6 weeks or so.  Whether you are thriving in the midst of quarantine or barely getting through each day, you are still doing it!  You are pushingContinue reading ““Hard Things” Art Journal Process”

“There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process

There is just something super exciting about starting a new art journal!  This week, I was able to dive into a brand new art journal from Dina Wakley, which is providing me with some extra challenges due to the variety of materials the pages are made out of.  Right from the get-go, I was confrontedContinue reading ““There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process”

“Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process

Do you ever have “angry” creative time?  Like something has gotten under your skin and really irritated you, so when you sit down to create, that can’t help but come out in your art.  Maybe your art is a little more aggressive or bold than normal.  Maybe you opt for different colors or a differentContinue reading ““Stop Telling Me…” Art Journal Process”