“Book Love” Traveler’s Notebook Process

If you have followed me for long, you know that I am constantly lamenting the fact that I am behind on my memory keeping.  I am a paper-lover that wants to play with the seasonal supplies within that season!  So, I gave myself permission to skip ahead.  There are no rules to memory-keeping, only theContinue reading ““Book Love” Traveler’s Notebook Process”

“This is 36” – Traveler’s Notebook Process

I am so excited to share another traveler’s notebook process with you.  Truthfully, before our trip to Italy, I had fallen behind on much of my memory keeping.  However, keeping a traveler’s notebook of our Italian adventure re-inspired me to get going on documenting.  Because May is my birthday month, I figured there was noContinue reading ““This is 36” – Traveler’s Notebook Process”

Speed Scrapping

Every scrapbooker has found themselves in the same situation.  Despite the best of intentions to “stay on top of it” this time around, we find ourselves falling very much behind in our memory keeping.  At least, this is where I found myself with March rolling in.  The truth is, I switched to the traveler’s notebookContinue reading “Speed Scrapping”

Using Digital Files in Art Journaling

I have admired art journalers for a long time.  Last year I began obsessively watching Jane Davenport, and then discovered Let’s Get Inkie, followed by a recent binge of Ali Brown (thanks Illustrated Faith!).  I loved seeing the creativity spilling onto these ladies’ fabulous pages, but felt like it was far out of my reach.Continue reading “Using Digital Files in Art Journaling”

Hope is Not a Strategy

Art journaling is new to me.  I’m still at the stage where what I imagine a page will look like is nothing like how it turns out.  But, if I’ve learned one lesson experimenting with mixed media, it’s to just keep going.  If you don’t like how a page looks, don’t give up, just keepContinue reading “Hope is Not a Strategy”

A Memory a Month

Do you have some creative goals for 2019?  Maybe learning a new craft, finishing an on-going project, or re-organizing your crafty workspace?  My creative roots are in memory-keeping, and I am anxious to reconnect to those in 2019.  A big thing that happened for me in 2018 was diving back into scrapbooking, or at leastContinue reading “A Memory a Month”