Chasing Rainbows FaithDex

It has been quite a while since I have created a FaithDex card to go along with a devotional or to memorize a scripture verse. I felt like the “Chasing Rainbows” devotional by Vanessa Walker for Illustrated Faith was the perfect opportunity to jump back into this method for studying. I opted to pre-make FaithDexContinue reading “Chasing Rainbows FaithDex”

Faith Journal Stamp Challenge

I am certainly a woman that has TONS of craft supplies. Nobody would argue with that! There are times though that I am so excited to use the “latest and greatest” that I forget to dive back into my stash to check out some of my favorite supplies. So, I was excited when my friendContinue reading “Faith Journal Stamp Challenge”

“Big Story, Part 1” Journal Set-up

Summer is here!  Well, almost.  My kiddos still have a couple weeks left of virtual school, but once Illustrated Faith announces their plans for Revival Camp, I always feel like it must be summer.  Revival Camp is an annual project hosted by Illustrated Faith that really dives in to some of the pillars of theContinue reading ““Big Story, Part 1” Journal Set-up”

“Arise” Faith Journal

Have you ever been so excited about a project that it is almost hard to start?  That is how I feel about the “Arise” devotional from Illustrated Faith and Planet Fernandez.  Llanet’s words always speak to me, and I love her insight.  Plus, the colors and graphics for this kit are right up my alley!Continue reading ““Arise” Faith Journal”

“Standing in the Darkness” Bible Journal Process

Hello all!  I hope that you all are safe, well, and hunkered down at home.  My family is doing our very best to follow all of the orders and guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe.  That means close quarters and lots of family time for the foreseeable future. With that being said, I amContinue reading ““Standing in the Darkness” Bible Journal Process”

Layering Printables in Your Bible Journaling

Digital and printable files are such a great resource for any crafter, but especially for Bible journal enthusiasts!  These files offer a great opportunity to incorporate all kinds of artwork into your journaling pages, and using printable files saves time and allows you to really dive into the Word that you are studying.  But, howContinue reading “Layering Printables in Your Bible Journaling”

“Rooted” Bible Journal Process

This devotional hit me right in the heart from the very start.  “Rooted” from Illustrated Faith and Lauren Norris is a gorgeous reminder of where our strength and comfort are truly rooted.  In the first devotional set called “forever home”, Lauren challenged us not to cling to the fleeting comforts and securities of this world,Continue reading ““Rooted” Bible Journal Process”

“Wholehearted” Journal Setup & Book-binding

Have you met Him at the lakeside, did you hear His still, small voice? Did He call you there to follow Him, and say, “You have a choice”? And did half of you say, “Yes, Lord,” and have half a mind to start? Did you think He didn’t notice when you gave Him half yourContinue reading ““Wholehearted” Journal Setup & Book-binding”

Illustrated Faith 20/20 – Belief is Your Ticket!

It’s a new year, the kids are back in school (yay!), and I am ready to jump back into journaling with both feet.  Sometimes, it is nice to take a break from creative projects, even ones that you love.  That is exactly what I did over the holidays!  I scaled back the crafting and focusedContinue reading “Illustrated Faith 20/20 – Belief is Your Ticket!”