“Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process

I am a pretty creative person. I like to create when the feeling hits. But, as a blogger and a YouTube creator, I also have a schedule that I set for myself. Sometimes, the two don’t necessarily coincide. Such was the case this week when I was supposed to sit down and record an artContinue reading ““Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process”

Good Vibe Tribe Art Journaling Process

With so much fear and darkness around, I am using my art journaling as a bit of an escape.  Jane Davenport’s whimsical characters and bright color palette inspired me to create a magical world of fairies and animals.  I worked with new Whimsical and Wild stamps and layered all the fun characters.  Check out theContinue reading “Good Vibe Tribe Art Journaling Process”

“Giraffe Wisdom” Art Journal Process

It might sound corny, but Jane Davenport art supplies absolutely inspire me!  I love the whimsical nature, the bright colors, the dream-like art that you can create with her supplies.  Recently, I purchased several new Jane Davenport stamp sets from Scrapbook.com, and I busted them out for my most recent art journal entry! This entireContinue reading ““Giraffe Wisdom” Art Journal Process”

“Watch Me” Art Journal Process

I am always in a rush.  Not because I am frequently running late.  Quite the opposite, I am always early.  I rush because I am a type A personality that really likes getting things done and crossed off of my to-do list.  Sometimes, that unfortunately bleeds over into my creative life, and the results areContinue reading ““Watch Me” Art Journal Process”

“Just Because” Art Journal Process

As a creative blogger, I have a schedule of tasks and posts that I complete on a weekly basis.  Just like any other job, some days I am on the ball, knocking things out of the park and on other days, everything feels like a struggle.  I found myself sitting down to create and filmContinue reading ““Just Because” Art Journal Process”

“Book Love” Traveler’s Notebook Process

If you have followed me for long, you know that I am constantly lamenting the fact that I am behind on my memory keeping.  I am a paper-lover that wants to play with the seasonal supplies within that season!  So, I gave myself permission to skip ahead.  There are no rules to memory-keeping, only theContinue reading ““Book Love” Traveler’s Notebook Process”

“Release” Art Journal Process

Art journaling is the best!  No rules, no constraints.  Just creating, playing, experimenting, and combining.  Sometimes it can be intimidating to start a new page, because you think you need to have some sort of concept of how the page will turn out.  But, you don’t!  All you have to do is just start!  TheContinue reading ““Release” Art Journal Process”

Creating Layers in Art Journaling

I feel like one of the most common techniques in art journaling is the creation of layers.  Artists do this in so many ways, some subtly and some much more bold!  In my art journal process this week, not only do I create layers of color and texture on a single page, but also pullContinue reading “Creating Layers in Art Journaling”

“Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process

When you have taken time away from creating, it can feel pretty intimidating to jump back in.  That is the exact position I found myself in after basically taking 3.5 weeks off from art journaling.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what direction I wanted my page to go in, so I decided toContinue reading ““Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process”