“Transform” Art Journal Process

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve this beauty.” -Maya Angelou We all go through changes.  In the current season of life, it feels like changes are being thrown at us faster than we could possibly imagine.  The truth is that change makeContinue reading ““Transform” Art Journal Process”

“Renamed” Bible Journal Process

As I jumped into Day 4 of “When God Asks a Question” from By the Well 4 God, I am reminded of how much I love the story of Jacob wrestling with God that is told in Genesis 32.  I have always connected with this story because there are times when I feel like wrestlingContinue reading ““Renamed” Bible Journal Process”

“Arise” Faith Journal

Have you ever been so excited about a project that it is almost hard to start?  That is how I feel about the “Arise” devotional from Illustrated Faith and Planet Fernandez.  Llanet’s words always speak to me, and I love her insight.  Plus, the colors and graphics for this kit are right up my alley!Continue reading ““Arise” Faith Journal”

“Hard Things” Art Journal Process

We can most definitely do hard things.  Many of us have been doing hard things for our whole lives, but it certainly has been magnified over the past 6 weeks or so.  Whether you are thriving in the midst of quarantine or barely getting through each day, you are still doing it!  You are pushingContinue reading ““Hard Things” Art Journal Process”

“There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process

There is just something super exciting about starting a new art journal!  This week, I was able to dive into a brand new art journal from Dina Wakley, which is providing me with some extra challenges due to the variety of materials the pages are made out of.  Right from the get-go, I was confrontedContinue reading ““There Will Be Rainbows” Art Journal Process”

“Tensions” Bible Journal Process

Can you imagine the tension in the room during the Last Supper?  Specifically, the tension that mounted when Jesus made the statement that there was one amongst them that would be the betrayer.  You get the sense that the disciples began to panic, immediately doubting themselves and each other.  Day 3 of “A Meal Redeemed”Continue reading ““Tensions” Bible Journal Process”

“Look For The Rainbow” TN Process

Still working through my March memory keeping project, and LOVING the A5 journal that I put together on my own.  I will be completely honest….while I loved working in the A5 size in February, I was not a fan of the Felicity Jane A5 journal, which was shocking.  The travelers notebooks that they create areContinue reading ““Look For The Rainbow” TN Process”

Indestructible Joy Bible Journal Process

“The great aim of God in creation and redemption is to preserve and display the infinite worth of His glory.  The way He does this is by redeeming a people who love Him and cleave to Him and cherish Him above all earthly treasures and pleasures.  The mirror He has chosen for the reflection ofContinue reading “Indestructible Joy Bible Journal Process”

Good Vibe Tribe Art Journaling Process

With so much fear and darkness around, I am using my art journaling as a bit of an escape.  Jane Davenport’s whimsical characters and bright color palette inspired me to create a magical world of fairies and animals.  I worked with new Whimsical and Wild stamps and layered all the fun characters.  Check out theContinue reading “Good Vibe Tribe Art Journaling Process”