Our Mediator Superpowers

Have you ever thought of yourself as a super hero? I’m not sure that I have before, except possibly one time when I actually figured out how to straps both twin babies into my baby wrap and walk around the house when they were brand new. That was a heroic accomplishment! The past few weeksContinue reading “Our Mediator Superpowers”

“Faithful” Mixed Media Bible Journal Process

Who doesn’t love the Book of Ruth?  It is a remarkable story of faithfulness, loyalty, and moral decency that takes place during the turbulent time period of the Judges of Israel.  Naomi shows loyalty to her family and to her God.  Ruth shows faithfulness to Naomi, and also is a living testimony to Naomi’s abilityContinue reading ““Faithful” Mixed Media Bible Journal Process”

Redefining Priorities Bible Journal Process

I’ll be honest, it feels very strange to be creating YouTube videos and writing blog posts in the midst of this “new normal”.  Everything feels unsure and difficult.  There are shortages of household supplies everywhere and my kids are home from school for a solid month.  There is stress and anxiety everywhere I look.  I’llContinue reading “Redefining Priorities Bible Journal Process”

Philemon Bible Journal Process

Sometimes, I get so caught up in doing Bible journaling devotionals that I forget to use other supplies in my stash.  I am caught up in a theme or color scheme and get hyper-focused on using those supplies.  That is one of the reasons I love journaling sermon notes in my Bible.  Not only doesContinue reading “Philemon Bible Journal Process”

“In Not Of” Bible Journal Process

Jesus calls us to be “in the world not of the world”. My pastor has recently delved into this concept to prepare the congregation for what promises to be a contentious political environment this year. Not an endorsement of either political party, we are discussing the tools and commands that Jesus left with us toContinue reading ““In Not Of” Bible Journal Process”

“Unhacking Marriage” Bible Journal Process

In the midst of working through Bible journaling kits and devotionals, it is nice to stop and journal something that touches your heart, no theme required.  I have really been enjoying our most recent sermon series at church, and spending time journaling on Monday mornings has been the most pleasant way I can think ofContinue reading ““Unhacking Marriage” Bible Journal Process”

“Into the Light” Bible Journal Process

Sometimes in the midst of working on multiple devotionals and projects, I forget to Bible journal simply because something impacted me in a big way.  But, I recently heard a thought-provoking sermon in church that had us looking at how we deal with pain in our past.  As expected, this sermon dug up a lotContinue reading ““Into the Light” Bible Journal Process”

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Bible Journaling

I have had the honor of being asked to speak about my passion for Bible journaling a handful of time at local MOPs groups, women’s events, and church gatherings.  Each time I speak, I always take questions at the end, and inevitably they tend to focus around the same few topics.  I call them “TheContinue reading “The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Bible Journaling”