“In the Groove” Tag Ring

This month, for the “In the Groove” devotional from By the Well 4 God, I am choosing to jump into the study from a different angle.  The introduction to the devotional challenges us to examine the grooves in our life to reflect on whether they are in fact grooves, or whether we might be stuckContinue reading ““In the Groove” Tag Ring”

“This is 36” – Traveler’s Notebook Process

I am so excited to share another traveler’s notebook process with you.  Truthfully, before our trip to Italy, I had fallen behind on much of my memory keeping.  However, keeping a traveler’s notebook of our Italian adventure re-inspired me to get going on documenting.  Because May is my birthday month, I figured there was noContinue reading ““This is 36” – Traveler’s Notebook Process”