Rainbows & “One Little Word” Art Journal Process

It has been about 6 weeks since I last did an art journal page…so crazy!  I was excited to jump back in, but definitely felt a bit clumsy as I was getting started.  I think that is pretty common with any activity that you have taken a break from.  Whenever I’ve stepped back from workingContinue reading “Rainbows & “One Little Word” Art Journal Process”

“Forward” Art Journal Process

Sometimes, words just stick in your head.  When that happens for me, I truly believe that it is God trying to drive home a point…he just knows that I need it boiled down nice and simple!  I have been working so diligently on my blog and YouTube channel recently, and  I have honestly been feelingContinue reading ““Forward” Art Journal Process”

Hope is Not a Strategy

Art journaling is new to me.  I’m still at the stage where what I imagine a page will look like is nothing like how it turns out.  But, if I’ve learned one lesson experimenting with mixed media, it’s to just keep going.  If you don’t like how a page looks, don’t give up, just keepContinue reading “Hope is Not a Strategy”