Words Matter Art Journal Process

The beginning of a new year (and a new blog!) has me taking a second look at some of the craft items I keep in my crafty space.  Not that I am going all “Marie Kondo” on my craft space, but I realize that the quantity of some items keeps me from really finding whatContinue reading “Words Matter Art Journal Process”

Sunday Secret #4 – 7 Ways to Enhance Die-Cuts for Your Journaling!

I am currently obsessed with die-cuts and ephemera (which happens to just be a fancy word for additional paper pieces you may add into projects).  Seriously, I always scope out Tuesday morning for ephemera sets and have a whole large drawer in my desk dedicated to these lovely paper pieces.  But, I’ll be honest, whenContinue reading “Sunday Secret #4 – 7 Ways to Enhance Die-Cuts for Your Journaling!”

Splatter and Splash Art Journaling

Every Friday, I spend time in my art journal, and it is glorious! Art journaling is still very new to me, and I am having such a great time experimenting with techniques and supplies that I’ve never been brave enough to try in my traveler’s notebooks or in my Bible journaling.  Sometimes I try outContinue reading “Splatter and Splash Art Journaling”

Top 5 Tips for Layering

When I started scrapbooking back in college, it was all about cleanly mounted photos and cutesy stickers (not to mention all the perfectly themed paper that went with every occasion). In fact, I am pretty sure I took a trip to the zoo simply because I had already discovered the cutest zoo paper and wantedContinue reading “Top 5 Tips for Layering”