Our Mediator Superpowers

Have you ever thought of yourself as a super hero? I’m not sure that I have before, except possibly one time when I actually figured out how to straps both twin babies into my baby wrap and walk around the house when they were brand new. That was a heroic accomplishment! The past few weeksContinue reading “Our Mediator Superpowers”

Arteza Metallic Watercolors Review

From time to time, companies reach out and ask me if I would be interested in trying out their products and reviewing them on my YouTube channel.  Generally I only say yes when it is a product that I was interested in trying out previously.  Well, when Arteza reached out about their metallic watercolors, youContinue reading “Arteza Metallic Watercolors Review”

“Giraffe Wisdom” Art Journal Process

It might sound corny, but Jane Davenport art supplies absolutely inspire me!  I love the whimsical nature, the bright colors, the dream-like art that you can create with her supplies.  Recently, I purchased several new Jane Davenport stamp sets from Scrapbook.com, and I busted them out for my most recent art journal entry! This entireContinue reading ““Giraffe Wisdom” Art Journal Process”

“But God” – Bold Watercolor Bible Journal Process

It’s officially the end of January, and I am so thankful for the reminders that came with Day 14 of “20/20 Vision” from By the Well 4 God.  Written by the lovely Laura, this devotional has us focusing on the Doxology that is shared in Jude 1:24-25… “Now to him who is able to keepContinue reading ““But God” – Bold Watercolor Bible Journal Process”

Windows to the World Art Journal Process

Take some time to just look out the nearest window. No matter what the view, take in the colors.  A winter window is often filled with grays and bright clear blues.  The spring is an array of colors including purples and yellows.  A summer window often hold warm sunsets with shades of orange and red.Continue reading “Windows to the World Art Journal Process”

December Daily© Mixed Media Layout

As I am diving into this December Daily© project, I promised myself that I would be authentic and truthful in my documenting.  And, let’s be honest, not every day in December is going to be perfect and magical.  The holidays are full of stress with obligations to your family, friends, and church.  On top ofContinue reading “December Daily© Mixed Media Layout”

“Thankful” Art Journal Process

As Thanksgiving approaches (hello tomorrow!), we are reminded to take some time to focus on the people, moments, and things that we are thankful for.  This has actually been a focus of mine for about 6 months now.  I started keeping a daily gratitude journal where I write ten specific things that I am gratefulContinue reading ““Thankful” Art Journal Process”

“Heart At Rest” Journal Set-Up

It’s a new month which means a new devotional kit from By The Well 4 God. And, like so many other kits, the timing of this theme is absolutely perfect. As the frenzy of fall activities really sets in with the holidays on the horizon, what better idea to focus on than the peace andContinue reading ““Heart At Rest” Journal Set-Up”

“His Story” Sermon Notebook

For the first time ever, By the Well 4 God released a “mini-set” and I am in love with all the elements!  The name of this vintage-inspired line is “His Story” and includes an extra large stamp set, ephemera pieces, vintage library card notepads, memory dex cards and tags, travelers notebooks, and so much more!Continue reading ““His Story” Sermon Notebook”