Art Journal Layers – Stenciling

A few weeks ago, I sat down to work on an art journal video and felt completely uninspired to create a whole page. The amount of creative energy it takes for me to create an art journal page is a lot, and with everything going on in this season of life, I just didn’t feelContinue reading “Art Journal Layers – Stenciling”

“Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process

I am a pretty creative person. I like to create when the feeling hits. But, as a blogger and a YouTube creator, I also have a schedule that I set for myself. Sometimes, the two don’t necessarily coincide. Such was the case this week when I was supposed to sit down and record an artContinue reading ““Don’t Miss the Moment” Art Journal Process”

Indestructible Joy Bible Journal Process

“The great aim of God in creation and redemption is to preserve and display the infinite worth of His glory.  The way He does this is by redeeming a people who love Him and cleave to Him and cherish Him above all earthly treasures and pleasures.  The mirror He has chosen for the reflection ofContinue reading “Indestructible Joy Bible Journal Process”

“But God” – Bold Watercolor Bible Journal Process

It’s officially the end of January, and I am so thankful for the reminders that came with Day 14 of “20/20 Vision” from By the Well 4 God.  Written by the lovely Laura, this devotional has us focusing on the Doxology that is shared in Jude 1:24-25… “Now to him who is able to keepContinue reading ““But God” – Bold Watercolor Bible Journal Process”

Windows to the World Art Journal Process

Take some time to just look out the nearest window. No matter what the view, take in the colors.  A winter window is often filled with grays and bright clear blues.  The spring is an array of colors including purples and yellows.  A summer window often hold warm sunsets with shades of orange and red.Continue reading “Windows to the World Art Journal Process”

Rainbows & “One Little Word” Art Journal Process

It has been about 6 weeks since I last did an art journal page…so crazy!  I was excited to jump back in, but definitely felt a bit clumsy as I was getting started.  I think that is pretty common with any activity that you have taken a break from.  Whenever I’ve stepped back from workingContinue reading “Rainbows & “One Little Word” Art Journal Process”

The Comfort of Prayer

As I continue to work through “My Peace”, the November devotional from By the Well 4 God, I am loving the very practical ways and angles it has us digging into the transcendent peace promised by God.  In Day 8 of the devotional, “Comfort”, we dig into the comfort that comes from prayers.  Prayer isContinue reading “The Comfort of Prayer”

“Just Because” Art Journal Process

As a creative blogger, I have a schedule of tasks and posts that I complete on a weekly basis.  Just like any other job, some days I am on the ball, knocking things out of the park and on other days, everything feels like a struggle.  I found myself sitting down to create and filmContinue reading ““Just Because” Art Journal Process”

“Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process

When you have taken time away from creating, it can feel pretty intimidating to jump back in.  That is the exact position I found myself in after basically taking 3.5 weeks off from art journaling.  I wasn’t sure where to start or what direction I wanted my page to go in, so I decided toContinue reading ““Beautiful Mess” Art Journal Process”